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My name is Bluesky Lan,  based in Los Angeles and create my digital artwork from my Bluesky studio. Being in LA provides me with a lot of inspiration and opportunities to connect with other artists and creatives in the industry.

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My Story

        As a lifelong artist, I have always enjoyed creating my own artwork. I studied animation and film production in college and have been working in the film industry ever since. However, I have always continued to create my own art in my spare time, including comics and illustrations.

        As AI digital art started to become more popular, I became interested in combining technology with my artistic skills. This led me to develop my own unique style of digital art, which I am passionate about.

        My main series is called 《22$》, which features virtual portraits of individuals. I have also created a second series called 《22$LegoDog》, which was inspired by my love for dogs and cats, with dogs being the primary focus due to my previous ownership of two adorable dogs. My third series, 《22$Desert Girl》, was inspired by my travels and meditative experiences in the open desert. I wanted to express my support for feminism through this series, so it features realistic and artistic side-profile portraits of women.

        Overall, my goal as an artist is to continue creating unique and innovative digital art that connects with people on a personal level.


Recent works

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